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Biznet Digital helps small and mid-size companies leverage lead generation marketing to grow and prosper.  We provide technology, education, personalized consulting and digital marketing services that enable our clients to build, implement and manage the Ultimate Lead Machine.

The Ultimate Lead Machine

An Automated Marketing ecosystem attracts qualified leads through an integrated marketing strategy, nurtures those leads by delivering the right personalized message at the right time, and scores the interactions to deliver ready buyers, for the first purchase and the next.

Companies who implement Marketing Automation Systems:

Increase Profits

Reduce Costs

Create a Predictable Sales Funnel

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What Our Clients Say

Biznet provided STRATEGIC ADVICE, as well as guided us through the practical decisions that are part of transforming traditional business processes into interactive ones. Their approach to implementation was flexible and creative to FIND SOLUTIONS that fit both our marketing goals and budget. Kim Moore

Marketing Director, Garden City Hospital

As a non-profit Child Welfare Agency we were looking to have a website that illustrated our program goals, connected us to the community and served as a resource to families.  Biznet created the perfect site!  They took the time to understand our mission and then worked tirelessly until our vision became a reality. Carmine DeVivo, LMSW

Chief Operating Officer, Orchards Children's Services

The new training website freed up 2-3 man hours each day…and helped increase the in-field adoption rate from under 50% to over 80%.” Furthermore, “the e-commerce site opened up a completely new channel of opportunity for ProtectCELL, which continues to grow and have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Jon-Eric Cornellier

Online Marketing Manager, ProtectCELL

Our Blog

Are Your Decisions Emotion Based, or Are You a Vulcan?

Do Vulcans Make the Best Decisions? In the Star Trek universe, Mr. Spock is known for his ability to analyze a situation and make logical decisions. He is half Vulcan, a humanoid species that have removed emotions from their lives and make choices based solely on reason. They believe that a purely analytical approach to a problem should allow you to find best possible solution, but is this really true?

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Flex Your Muscles with Marketing Automation

Summer time is here, and most likely you’re being bombarded with advertisements like, “Lose 30 pounds in thirty days with this pill!” or “Instant results, no need to diet.” Advertisements like these play into our need for instant gratification, like having those pounds fall right off or winning the lottery or having over-night marketing success. The problem is these methods aren’t healthy, and most of the time, don’t work. Marketing automation however, has the ability to exercise every marketing muscle by integrating your individual marketing efforts to deliver the best possible results.

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