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Are your Decisions Emotion Based, or Are you a Vulcan?

Are your Decisions Emotion Based, or Are you a Vulcan?

Do Vulcans Make the Best Decisions?Decisions

In the Star Trek universe, Mr. Spock is known for his ability to analyze a situation and make logical decisions.  He is half Vulcan, a humanoid species that have removed emotions from their lives and make choices based solely on reason.  They believe that a purely analytical approach to a problem should allow you to find the best possible solution, but is this really true?

Emotions Drive your Decisions

Whether you realize it or not, nearly every decision you have ever made has been influenced, in one way or another, by your emotions.  Decision making is a scientific process that occurs within your brain.  Every time you are faced with a choice, no matter how big or small, emotional signals in your brain’s amygdala would constantly switch from one option to the other. Like Buridan’s ass, they could not make up their minds.  Even after making a decision and leaving the study, some would return to see if it was too late to change their pick.

Marketing is a Scientific Process

Similar to the decision making process, marketing strategies are actually scientific.  Regardless of who it’s for, the main objective of marketing is to influence the way other people think or act.  One of the most effective ways to affect behavior is to target specific emotions to trigger a desired response.  People don’t make purchases based simply on what a product does.  They decide to buy based on why a product does what it does.  Successful marketing strategies identify the pain points that customers face and communicate how the product will make their lives better.  Instead of just showing off features, experienced marketers will trigger an emotional response by focusing on how these features can be used by the consumer to:

  • Solve Problems
  • Accomplish Goals
  • Save Cost or Time
  • Simplify Tasks
  • Provide Pleasure
  • Assist with Daily Struggles

Leverage Consumer Emotions with Marketing Automation

At Biznet Digital, we are experienced at utilizing Marketing Automation to help you effectively leverage consumer emotions in your marketing endeavors.  Our service allows you to target specific phases of the purchase funnel and ensure that consumers are seeing the right content at the most opportune times.   Take a look at our Marketing Automation page today and find out how we can help you get more out of your marketing campaigns!