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B2B Marketing Metrics to Measure

B2B Marketing Metrics to Measure

It used to be that digital marketing meant having a website and counting how many people came to your site. How quaint.

These days, digital marketing has grown more tentacles than an octopus. Knowing which metrics to measure across these channels is important for understanding what’s working and not working. That’s why we created an infographic that identifies the key metrics.

This infographic highlights the metrics most relevant for marketing and lead generation success. Pin it to your wall and you’ll have a handy score sheet for knowing what to track.

Different platforms have different ways to generate data for these metrics, but all legitimate platforms should be able to provide the numbers you need. All agencies should be providing this data to you, on a monthly basis, at least.

As with all management measurements, trends matter more than snapshots. Use these metrics to create your own dashboard of key marketing activity, then monitor your progress and adjust as needed.

Click here or on the image on this page to download this handy scorecard.

Happy marketing!