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B2B Marketing

The Challenge

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way companies communicate with prospects and customers. Whereas sellers used to find buyers, these days buyers are now finding the sellers. Think of your own experiences as a purchaser, be it personal or professional. What’s the first thing you do? You go online. You do research. You begin to decide what you want and where you’ll buy it. All the while, you are leaving digital signals indicating where you are in the buying process (aka the sales funnel).

Business-to-business prospects are no different. They visit websites to conduct research.  They leave digital trails, indicating what their needs and preferences are.

Marketing automation helps you track these footprints so your sales team can zero in on the target. It’s that simple.  

Has Sales Lost Control?

In this new era, the fact that buyers dictate the selling process doesn’t mean sellers have lost all control. Far from it actually. It just means sellers must adapt to the new paradigm.

The days of being an order taker are long gone. Today’s prospects want to be understood. They want information that addresses their pain points. The last thing they want is to be “sold to.”

The new digital landscape also doesn’t mean your organization needs to cut salespeople. Rather, it means your sales team needs to be armed with the proper tools to succeed.

Marketing automation provides those tools.

The Solution

1329637Attracting and converting prospects into customers takes the right people, processes and technology. That’s where we come in. Our Ultimate Lead Machine consists of an end-to-end, perpetual lead generation system that provides:

  • An increase in leads
  • An increase in new sales, upsells and cross-sells
  • A steady pipeline with better forecasting
  • Improved sales and marketing team integration
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better reporting, better metrics, better analytics

We take a strategic approach to managing prospects all the way through the sales funnel.  Our approach helps you build a closer, seamless, and collaborative relationship with customers. Our process is proven, repeatable and scalable, with plans that fit companies of all sizes across all sectors. We can work side-by-side with existing marketing teams or, need be, we can take ownership of an organization’s digital marketing efforts to implement and maintain the process.

The Answer

Whether you make to stock or make to order, whether you sell direct or through distributors, whether you are local or national or global, the Biznet Ultimate Lead Machine is the answer you and your company are looking for.

Our team has over 20 years of digital marketing experience and our mission has always been to help small to mid-size manufacturers, distributors, and service companies come up with strategic B2B marketing plans and leverage marketing technology to grow and prosper their businesses.