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Boost Workplace Morale with Furry Friends

The economic struggles that have been prevalent in the United States are nothing new to the workforce. Business owners have been feeling the pressure of maintaining positive numbers and, in turn, workplace morale has experienced a severe drop. Companies have been...

Michigan should enable entrepreneurs to pursue their ambitions without having to leave

So, now that Detroit has learned from the mistake of putting all of its eggs in one auto industry basket, we’re rising from the ashes to put our eggs in only a few new industries. Hm. Really? Sure, we’ve shown some early successes with film and others–just like the auto industry did. But are we really about to take those same steps with no insurance (through diversification) for our future?

All I’m saying is it’d be nice if Michigan would stop pulling the seat from underneath itself and stop screwing over its own future.

What IF we let entreprenuers pursue their dreams and make the business cases for what they know best? What IF our focus was encouraging their development, whatever it may be, and supported the viable business cases that ensued?

To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the Question.

Why should I use Twitter? Ask ten people this question and you’ll get ten different answers. Some use twitter to communicate with friends and family. Others use it to meet new friends with similar interests. Some use it as a messaging tool to reach large groups with a single note. Many use Twitter to learn more about subjects of interest. By following like minded people, you can share and review recommended links to webpages, blogs and more.