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If You Don’t, You Should Know Your Target Market

There are mistakes to be made when beginning an internet marketing campaign, especially if you aren’t sure what to do and where to start. Not knowing your target market and how to reach those valuable consumers is one of the most fatal mistakes of internet marketing. Think about it. If you target the wrong keywords, don’t use the correct lingo, and avoid the internet hot-spots of your audience, then what is the point of continuing your internet marketing campaign?

Getting Social Media Right

How can one company have a personal conversation with thousands of customers and potential customers all over the country and the world? The relatively new marketing tool called social media breaks down the old “time continuum” and allows companies to have a conversation with thousands of people all over the country, indeed all over the world.

Making the Digital Commitment

Doesn't it make perfect business sense to meet your target market where they're already located? Today, searching the Internet with Google; communicating with family, friends and colleagues through email; and engaging in conversation via social media is second nature to most. Maybe this is why Ford Motor Company has committed to spending 25 percent of its ad budget on digital and social media programs compared to the average industry spending at just 9 percent, according to a report from BusinessWeek . More recent news may indicate that this digital commitment is paying off.

7 Reasons why RFP’s Don’t Work for Websites

I probably receive a formal request for proposal (RFP) once every week and most times I choose not to respond. There are a many reasons why I feel this traditional process does not work for web development and web marketing initiatives and what follows are my top 7.

Why Use Social Media Marketing? A 5 Minute Response

Social Media Marketing is not like traditional advertising. You cannot push a marketing message out to the masses and expect it to be well received. In many cases, this practice is considered spamming and will be immediately discarded. Those who practice these techniques will find themselves on the wrong end of criticism and lose the ability to garner respect and a following.