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How Emotion Influences B2B Purchasing Decisions

How Emotion Influences B2B Purchasing Decisions

Emotion’s Influence on B2B BuyingB2B Purchasing

Rumor has it that decision makers in the B2B space are emotionless, especially when making big decisions involving substantial amounts of money. It’s time to rethink this notion!

Trust us, emotion really does matter (although you’ve heard otherwise). Marketing to B2B buyers is part business value, part personal value. If a decision maker (B2C or B2B), doesn’t have a positive emotional connection to the product or service, don’t expect a sale. Luckily, we know what to focus on in order to pull positive emotion out in the B2B space.

We know a lot of thought goes into making a purchase and that emotion really does play a big role in making the right decision for the business. Because in the B2B space, if a poor decision is made, not only is the decision makers job on the line but there are a whole slew of people within the organization that aren’t going to be too happy.

What Really  Goes into B2B Purchases?

A number of factors drive the emotional side of a B2B purchase. However, the business’s values are just as important as the personal views of the decision maker(s). Below are a few factors that drive the decision process home.

Business Value BoostersB2B Purchasing

Business value has gained popularity in the B2B purchasing space. A study by Marketing Services department. Check out how we can help you, today!