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Client Overview

For more than 100 years, Amerisure has worked tirelessly to make America’s workplaces safer. On September 12, 1912, the Michigan Manufacturers Association joined with a group of local manufacturers to form the Michigan Workmen’s Compensation Mutual Insurance Company. Based on the mutual concept, the mission of this newly created partnership was to “solve the problems of Workmen’s Compensation, reduce accidents, exchange experience and maintain a high standard of service to employers and employees.” While Amerisure has grown considerably since then, the spirit of that early partnership and its mission continues today. The people of Amerisure—their passion, their commitment and their experience allow our organization to deliver exceptional service that has become the hallmark of our success.


  • Dynamic staffing for Kentico CMS website development and architecture
  • Mobile app development

Amerisure Insurance Mobile

Wherever you are, Amerisure is committed to delivering exceptional service so you can focus on what matters most. We are pleased to announce the launch of Amerisure’s corporate mobile app. The app offers seamless on-the-go access to key features from Amerisure’s digital presence, such as the Find an Agent tool, the Report a Claim tool, and the Recognize an Employee form. Additionally, users of the mobile application can access SureConnect®, search Amerisure’s job postings, learn more about the company’s history, and even explore Amerisure’s social media channels.

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