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Website & Mobile Development Services

Websites & Hosting

Is your first and best sales person your digital presence? It should be. With over 20 years experience in technology, Biznet’s excellent mobile and web developers are here to create a digital presence that uniquely represents your company to increase awareness and success. Biznet is also a fully capable web and mobile app hosting provider and can help get your website or app online quickly and painlessly. We provide services for all ranges of website sizes and complexity, from small one-pagers to fully integrated enterprise level systems.

One size usually doesn’t fit all, but one web app can adapt to all user devices if it’s done right. Infuse your business’s presence with a responsive design that fits multiple platforms combined with a flexible approach through HTML5. At Biznet we have been enhancing businesses for over 20 years by engineering innovative internet technology solutions. We’ll engage your audience with an application that is not only intuitive and intelligent but attractive as well. Biznet delivers this by not only providing front-end development, but expert backend development as well. Entrust your web application development to Biznet and get:

  • Improved usability
  • Increased awareness
  • Integration with third party CMS
  • Comprehensive prototyping

Our methodology keep you updated on the process of your web application from first discussion all the way through implementation. Don’t be kept in the dark any longer. Learn today how Biznet can meet and go beyond your web development goals.

WordPress CMS Development

Get great results with a Biznet custom Word Press website. Word Press is an open source blogging tool with a dynamic content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Building upon the strength and flexibility of the Word Press CMS, the custom website can be efficiently updated and maintained by the client. A well designed Word Press CMS website can save website maintenance time and money.

Kentico Development

Standout online and improve customer service with your customized Kentico website by Biznet. Satisfied clients trust the experienced Biznet team to develop and deliver unique sophisticated Kentico websites. Kentico is an enterprise-class content management system (CMS) with a strong API for powerful fully integrated functionality and customizable features.

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Mobile Websites & Apps

Get faster and leaner with a mobile solution from Biznet. Connect with your target audience through mobile websites, mobile apps, and mobile landing pages. Biznet creates responsive designs that increase your company presence everywhere your customers are, and offers access to your clients through their smart phones and tablets. Best news? Like a mobile phone, it’ll go easy on your pockets. Biznet is devoted to the success of your business and ready with a cost effective mobile solution.

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eCommerce Websites

Does your ecommerce marry with your other efforts or is it still leading the bachelor lifestyle?  Biznet not only expertly develops customized ecommerce sites for businesses but couples it with outreach measures like social media, PPC, email marketing and other tactics that are essential to creating and maintaining a profitable ecommerce site. You can’t afford to be anti-social with ecommerce. Our ecommerce initiatives combine intelligent advertising and marketing with an alluring and in-depth design and development to create an ecommerce site that sells. Our ecommerce enterprise will:

  • Influence purchasing decisions
  • Create product awareness
  • Make purchasing more convenient
  • Personalize the purchasing process
  • Offer a variety of mediums to display on Social Media

Don’t miss out on purchases. Reach out to customers anywhere and everywhere by having your ecommerce be mobile ready. And take advantage of our expert ecommerce development team’s knowledgably software agnostic approach that allows us to offer advanced adaptability and personalization of every area of your ecommerce site. Get your business booming and learn more today about Biznet’s ecommerce solutions.

Responsive Websites

One size usually doesn’t fit all, but one website should fit all devices. Now is the time to infuse your business’s presence with a responsive website design that fits multiple platforms. At Biznet Digital we have been enhancing businesses for over 20 years by crafting websites that give users the optimal viewing experience. We’ll engage your audience with not only an intuitive and intelligent design but an attractive design as well. Upgrade to a responsive website design and get:

  • Improved usability
  • Increased mobile Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Cost effective improvements
  • Increased engagement
  • Increase sales and conversions

With so many people now using their phones and tablets more than ever before a responsive website is no longer just a bonus for customers, but an expectation by them. Don’t cut yourself off from your audience any longer. Instead capture more leads than ever before by upgrading your website with Biznet Digital.

Custom Websites

Your imagination is the limit with Biznet’s innovative developers. Our experienced in house developers retain a variety of skill sets ready to rise to whatever your development needs may be. For over 20 years we have adapted to and embraced cutting-edge technology in order to cater to the needs of our clients.  Through insightful ingenuity Biznet will walk you through the door to the digital world you’ve envisioned. No need to worry about speaking the language. At Biznet developer is our first language. We are fluent in:

  • Microsoft Dot Net
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Objective C
  • Java
  • And much more

Don’t miss out on capturing the benefits of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Kentico while still capitalizing on the creation of a unique digital presence to distinguish your business from the competition.  Specific plug-ins lets us adapt your website to reflect your individualized business. Even if there isn’t a plug-in that works for you any customizations plug-ins can’t do our expert development team can create to combine with your CMS. Why limit yourself to imagining how your digital presence could be? Contact Biznet today to make your digital fantasy a brilliant reality.


Graphic Design

The onset of the digital age has made visual communication a more vital part of business. More often than not the quality of your graphic designs will speak to your audience about the quality of your business. And because of this, having high quality graphic designs should be a top priority for your business. By amplifying your graphic designs with Biznet Digital you can obtain:

  • Credibility
  • A cohesive look
  • Better brand communication
  • Increased engagement

Learn how Biznet Digital’s graphic designers can communicate the value of your business with distinguished graphic designs today.