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The Importance of Lead Nurturing in Each Stage of the Sales Funnel

The Importance of Lead Nurturing in Each Stage of the Sales Funnel

Lead Nurturing Tactics

A Well Nurtured Lead is a Good Lead Indeed

Lead nurturing is an essential piece of the purchasing puzzle. Buyers find the seller the majority of the time and are well informed solely through researching products and services on their own. It’s a business’s job to ensure timely, educational content is available for potential customers at any stage of the buying cycle, not just in the beginning stages. The two pieces of the puzzle that change as a prospect moves through the cycle are the content in which you place in front of them and where this content can be found.

There are a few variations of a purchasing cycle but they are generally similar and often start the same way. Let’s use the following stages to define our buying cycle:

Awareness → Interest → Consideration → Purchase → Post/Re-Purchase

So what content is appropriate for each stage and where should it be found?

From Awareness to Re-Purchase

Awareness: Prospect discovers a problem within their company.

Awareness starts online and because of this, companies need to provide educational and timely content in the right places to have their brands recognized. Marketers should create industry focused, high level content and distribute it in the following channels:

  • Educational webinars
  • Social Media
  • Advertising: Pay-per-Click

Interest: Prospect realizes their pain now needs a solution.

In the interest stage, prospects now understand that they can’t fix their problem alone. marketing services page to see what content services we can assist you with today!