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3 Tips in Building Buyer Personas

3 Tips in Building Buyer Personas

Who are your customers?Buyer Personas

It may seem like a simple question on the surface, but at a deeper level you’ll see all the aspects that you may have never noticed or considered before. To fully answer this question, you’ll need to create buyer personas.  represent your company’s ideal customers; those who currently buy or who will most likely buy in the future from your company.

Why are buyer personas important?

Buyer personas allow you to really understand your ideal customers. Understanding these ideal customers will allow you to tailor your content, sales strategy, and messages in the hopes of acquiring them in the future. Additionally, in a few helpful hints to keep in mind as you start to build your buyer personas:

  • Only get the necessary data. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of data available to you when creating your buyer personas. However, large amounts of information can actually cause us to be influenced by our personal feelings and intuition as opposed to remaining objective and unbiased.
  • Keep your personas authentic. Basing your research on stereotypes and out-dated information will lead you down the wrong path. Buyer personas are made up of your current audience, so making sure that your content is relevant is vital for success. It’s also important that you don’t base your personas off information you believe to be true. This doesn’t mean ignore your gut feeling, but instead let it motivate you to look further for evidence.
  • Be creative! Despite popular belief, you already have the majority of information needed to build your buyer personas at your fingertips. Using your sources creatively, can help you gather data without having to dish out a lot of money. The information you already have on your website traffic and current customers, social media analytics, in-person conversations, and even interviews are all available to you at very little cost, if any and are valuable tools to have when building your buyer personas.

Information Insights

By now, you’re probably wondering what information you should include in your personas. As mentioned above, sticking to only the relevant data about your ideal customers is important. Some of the topics we recommend using include:

  • Demographics- location, age, gender, education level
  • Interests
  • Job Title & Income
  • Skills required for job
  • Typical Day
  • Favorite Websites & Social Media
  • Motivation & Concern for Buying
  • Goals & Challenges of the buyer as a person

It’s important to understand what motivates these personas. Often, people’s first responses don’t represent their own behavior and only touch the surface. Asking follow-up questions can help you learn more about their answers and get a better understanding of them. When in doubt, ask “Why?”.

Is your content targeted to your personas?

Once you’ve identified your ideal customers and broken them into buyer personas, it’s important to tailor your content towards them. Targeting your messages to reach these prospects can enable you to step out from the crowd and be more visible. Marketing Automation can help you deliver relevant, personalized content to your buyer personas consistently. Learn how Biznet Digital can help you along with this process today!