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4 Marketing Automation Trends to Follow

4 Marketing Automation Trends to Follow

The Rise of Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation Trends

Over the last few years, Marketing Automation has become increasingly more popular among companies, particularly small to medium sized businesses. With the rise of content marketing, finding a way to automate other parts of the process became a common goal among marketers. When it was discovered that Marketing Automation was able to not only provide leads, but nurture them through the sales process as well, it took off. We’ve uncovered everything you need to know about the latest Marketing Automation trends to help you stay ahead of the game.

The Top Marketing Automation Trends

  1. Increase in Simple Systems

This Marketing Automation trend recognizes that the technology is being purchased primarily by first-time buyers. More specifically, the first-time buyers are small businesses. While some Marketing Automation systems can be complex, there are an increasing number of easy to use, simplified systems available for these first-time users. Marketing Automation is especially useful for small businesses in the sense that it helps them work more efficiently. It reduces their tasks, time, and stress, while simultaneously growing their business. The rise of more integrated systems also improves companies’ efficiency by providing everything in one system as opposed to needing different software for each tool. It’s clear that Marketing Automation is adapting to the needs of its clients, are you?

  1. Understanding Customers on a Deep Level

Knowing what your customers want and when they want it is the key to developing a successful approach. Marketing Automation allows you to gather the information necessary to create targeted messages personalized to your customers’ needs. Some Marketing Automation software even allows you to create a localized campaign to where your customers are located. Taking a generic or one size fits all approach with marketing limits your success greatly. Everyone has different needs and reactions, so having the ability to personalize your messages will increase customer engagement. Additionally, by understanding your customers you’re able to interact with them through their preferred method, whether it’s online or offline. Having the ability to respond immediately to users’ actions, as opposed to days later, will increase the success of your interactions.

  1. Communication Between Sales & Marketing

Having constant communication between the sales and marketing departments is critical to the success of Marketing Automation. Both departments’ involvement overlaps and builds off each other. For example, Marketing Automation is able to gain information for the sales team through content that the marketing department created. Marketing is also able to develop content and responses that nurture prospects through the sales funnel towards finalizing a sale. This allows the sales team to achieve better results and more conversions by having a better understanding of when prospects are “purchase ready”.

  1. Content is Still Critical

While this isn’t necessarily a new marketing automation trend, it’s still vital to the success of your efforts. Content helps create messages, responses, and campaigns that drive prospects through the sales funnel. However, in order for your content to be effective, it needs to be engaging, personal, up-to-date, and unique. This helps keep your audience interested and coming back for more.

Are you Ready to Tackle these Marketing Automation Trends?

Keeping up with the latest Marketing Automation trends is necessary for your company’s success. Looking for an integrated system, focusing on your customers, having open dialogue between the sales and marketing departments, and creating engaging content your company are just four of many steps you can take in using your Marketing Automation software effectively. Biznet Digital is experienced in helping companies stay ahead of the game by effectively implementing Marketing Automation campaigns. Check out our Marketing Automation page to learn more about how our services can benefit your company.