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Formed in 1994, Biznet Digital is an ROI-focused, full service digital marketing, mobile, and web solutions company.

Biznet Digital’s mission is to help great small and mid-size companies leverage marketing technology to grow and prosper. We do this by providing technology, education, personalized consulting and digital marketing services.

At Biznet Digital, we believe that the Internet provides an opportunity for value and quality to stand out over greed and the status quo. We believe that digital marketing is more targeted, measurable and effective than traditional channels. Our goal is to be the best in Detroit at helping our clients harness the power of the Internet to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts and sales.

We seek to partner with professional, progressive organizations where we can help:

  • Generate qualified sales leads
  • Convert more leads to sales
  • Sell more product
  • Increase sale prices
  • Increase market share
  • Enter new Markets
  • Quantify, prove, and reduce marketing costs

Our Core Values

Love what you do.

We all have to work in one way or another if we are to take care of ourselves and our families. Too many people don’t really like their job. At Biznet, we have one rule; if you don’t love your job, find another one….and we’ll help you.

Open and Honest.

Authenticity is precious. Open and honest communication is the key to success. Seek clarity by asking questions and share both challenges and opportunities with the team before they escalate or are missed.

Above and Beyond.

We are all challenged to be our best everyday. Take pride and confidence in your craft, anticipate future needs and relevant trends, and seek to deliver more than you are asked.

Client First.

We exist to serve our clients. We must continuously earn their trust. When proposing solutions, we must always put the client’s interests before our own.

Do What You Say.

When we make a commitment to a client or teammate, they are counting on us to deliver on our promise. Ensure that expectations are clearly understood and that we have the ability to fulfill, then deliver on your commitment.

Meet our Leadership

Biznet is comprised of experienced and talented digital strategist, developers, and marketing thought leaders who are ROI focused and stride for success on every project.

Kevin Krason

Kevin Krason

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Kevin is an internet guy. Ever since Al Gore paved the way for the ‘super-highway’, he’s been a fan. In the early 90’s he founded Biznet as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). He built his first websites in 1994, teaching himself how to program using early web technologies. By 2001, he was fascinated by online marketing. He learned everything he could about the early search engines and the new player, Google. Today, he’s passionate about Marketing Automation technologies and enjoys working with companies from start-up to enterprise by providing the knowledge and talent necessary to design, build and manage a technology and data driven marketing process that optimizes marketing efforts to a finely tuned science.

Steve Sanchez

Steve Sanchez

Lead Developer & Senior Architect

Steve began his career in the trenches of tech support of automotive. After Y2K failed to cause havoc, he left the corporate world for a smaller agency to broaden his horizons.  Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects including CMS implementations, eCommerce stores, custom applications, and system integration for a variety of clients such as health care, energy, retail, electronics, and manufacturing.  With over twenty years of experience Steve has seen the wrong way to do a lot of things (sometimes first hand) and uses that experience to help guide clients in the best way to break down complex problems into workable solutions.

Yale Porter

Yale Porter

Chief Financial Officer

Yale experienced the challenge of an unclear career path before deciding he was best suited for managerial accounting. He found his prior experience gave him a broad understanding of business organization and operation. Before finding Biznet Digital, Yale recorded and coordinated the finances of several companies over the years. Sadly, most of them succumbed to technological changes and the economic hardships this century has brought. Who could have predicted automotive prototype tool & die in the Motor City would have had such a sudden, ignoble end? With Biznet Digital, Yale revels in the positive energy of a business that thrives on technological change and strives to adapt that technology to our clients’ advantage. A man of many quirks, Yale has been known to use movie quotes as email subject lines, can’t work without his favorite pen, and occasionally pretends he’s in the Witness Protection Program by intentionally obscuring his face in group photos.