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Are you Missing these Digital Marketing Opportunties for Growth?

Are you Missing these Digital Marketing Opportunties for Growth?

Don’t Overlook these Successful Growth Tactics Missed Growth Opportunities

With all the options available in the digital marketing industry, it’s not surprising that companies are missing out on
successful tools. Marketers tend to use strategies that provide quick results. However, the majority of the time, these results are short-lived. Additionally, sticking to well-known tools may be safe, but not necessarily the most effective for a company. While developing a content strategy and being active on social media is definitely important, doing so won’t provide you with many opportunities for growth. Luckily we’ve found three commonly overlooked digital marketing strategies to help grow your company: SEO & SEM (organic search and digital advertising), on-site and off-site optimization, and communication between departments.

Leverage Digital Advertising and SEO

SEO is a tool that once had a profound impact on the performance of web pages in the early days of Google and other search engines. With an overwhelming number of websites now populating search results, companies are often overlooking this once useful tool. To counteract the lack of organic visibility, many companies are leveraging the use of SEM/PPC to grab the eyes they may have lost. Unfortunately, paid search has a few downsides that can limit a company’s growth. For starters, the success of paid search is limited by budget. Like anything, the more money you put in, the better your results. Additionally, the amount of clicks is significantly less than that of organic. In total, paid search only accounts for 10% of the total clicks on average, while just the top spot in organic search rakes in 40%. However, building an effective SEO strategy does take time. Unlike paid search where results are noticed almost immediately, organic search results require more patience. In the end, though, it’s your organic search that will contribute to your long-term growth as paid search results are typically short-lived.

Tip: Creating a SEO strategy that combines both paid and organic search gives you the best of both worlds. Use paid search for your immediate results while you develop and strengthen your organic search for long-term growth.

Finding Growth Off-Site with SEO

SEO can be broken down into two parts: on-site optimization and off-site optimization. The majority of companies focus on-site optimization most often with the use of keywords. Keywords should be seen in the following places throughout your website:

  • Main (H1) headlines, sub-headlines (H2+) and throughout the body copy of every webpage
  • Meta-tags and meta descriptions
  • Image tags
  • URLs

While definitely important, it doesn’t contribute as much as off-site optimization to SEO’s effectiveness. Making changes to content on your website’s pages will only get you so far organically. To see growth in organic results, companies may want to shift their focus to utilize both on-site and off-site optimization.

Tip: Off-site optimization is primarily centered on link building. Links can either be earned through inbound marketing or strategically placed on other websites. Not all links have equal strength, but even a few links can have a large impact on growth.

Growing Communication

Having marketing automation software helps attract and convert customers by sending out personalized messages to leads at just the right time. It’s clear that marketing automation would benefit both the sales and marketing departments; marketing is able to create a personalized message and sales is able to use their time efficiently by reaching out to customers when they’re ready to be buy. It may seem obvious, but the marketing department needs to know what customers want in order to create effective information. Two ways to get this info is either from the customer or through the sales team. Similarly, without relevant information, the sales department is left in the dark when trying to convert prospects to customers. Thus, communication is critical for a company’s growth.

Tips: Schedule a regular meeting, become familiar with the sales team, learn the sales funnel, and be available for questions. Open communication is necessary for success!

Let Biznet Digital help you Achieve Growth

By focusing your digital marketing on SEO/SEM, off-site optimization, and effective communication, your company will start to achieve more awareness, leading to growth. By strategically positioning your company, it will become associated with various search terms and as a result, come to consumer’s minds more frequently. Worried you’re missing out on digital growth opportunities? Check out Biznet Digital’s digital marketing services page to see how we can help increase your company’s growth today!