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Biznet Digital Helps Create Smoother Online Orientation Process for Garden City Hospital – Case Study

capture2Garden City Hospital is an independently owned medical center located in the metro Detroit area that was looking to update their website with a new and fresh design while also providing a variety of easy to use services for their patients, from a physician directory to make appointment request options and develop a better online reputation via the site.

Challenge: Brand clarity and easy maintenance

As one of the remaining independent hospitals in metro Detroit, Garden City Hospital was looking to make a big impact with modest resources when it chose Biznet for its site redesign and overhaul.  Before working with Biznet, Garden City’s site was cluttered and much of the content was difficult to find or outdated. The small staff found themselves unable to make simple changes to the site without involving technical support.

Additionally, Garden City’s primary audiences — physicians and patients — were underserved and unable to find the site via search, which meant that the site was not able to provide consumers with easy access to clear content and a user-friendly physician directory or make-an-appointment requests. On top of all this, the cluttered home page and dated graphic design didn’t reflect Garden City’s position as a leading teaching hospital with advanced technology and innovative patient care.

Solution: Transforming traditional business process into interactive ones

Biznet supported Garden City during every phase of its site redesign, starting with site planning and architecture followed by graphic design, programming, content writing and search engine optimization.

“Biznet provided strategic advice, as well as guided us through the practical decisions that are part of transforming traditional business processes into interactive ones,” says Garden City Hospital Marketing Director, Kim Moore.  “Their approach to implementation was flexible and creative to find solutions that fit both our marketing goals and budget.”

New features include a custom physician search with fields such as gender, languages spoken and office location. Users can request appointments online as well as pre-register for tests and procedures.  Other features include an ER wait times live feed, a video library, a custom health information interface, and an events calendar.

The physician directory has been especially successful. Right from the home page, visitors can key in a name or partial name of aphysicianor search by specialty.  The advanced search has been updated with criteria that include gender, language and a simpler geographic search.  In addition, the results pages have been updated to include morephysicianphotos. Studies showphysicianswith photos are twice as likely to get a referral or request for an appointment. The site can also accommodate practice information, such as a link to a practice website, a biographical profile and office hours.

“We used Kentico CMS because this website required a strong content management solution and also needed custom features to support Garden City’s specific business needs,” says Steve Sanchez, Biznet Internet Solution’s Lead Application Developer.

Results: More traffic, more satisfied patients and physicians

Since launching, Garden City has been thrilled with increased traffic and positive feedback from patients and staff. Garden City anticipates the site will generate increased user satisfaction, more repeat visitors, and improved access to doctors and appointments. “We’re really pleased with the site,” says Moore. “Biznet really captured the clean look and user-friendliness we wanted. Patients and families appreciate finding what they need without having to sift through clutter.”

About Garden City Hospital

Garden City Hospital is an award-winning osteopathic teaching hospital located in Garden City, Mich. It provides care to the community in more than 45 medical specialties with related services including emergency, surgery, orthopedics, oncology, neurology and cardiac care.

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