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Why Use Social Media Marketing? A 5 Minute Response

Social Media Marketing is not like traditional advertising. You cannot push a marketing message out to the masses and expect it to be well received. In many cases, this practice is considered spamming and will be immediately discarded. Those who practice these techniques will find themselves on the wrong end of criticism and lose the ability to garner respect and a following.

13 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Web Content

No one but the search engine owners know the exact algorithms used to return search findings. However, there are things you can do to increase the chance of your content being found. What’s “content?” Content is the images, copy, and other elements published on your website.

And we’re off!

13 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Web Content

This recession provides time for innovation

In financially stressed times, innovation is critical. Today, your customers are using different tools to research and purchase everything from books and electronics, to raw materials and machinery. For US retailers and manufacturers it is time to adapt or die.

The “Twipping” Point?

The “Twipping” Point?

The recent buzz surrounding twitter has received mixed reviews from the user community. Sprint is currently running television commercials promoting their mobile smartphones as “Twitter” clients. Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher are helping to make Twitter a household name. While I don’t follow them nor do I intend to, I think this demonstrates the Twitter Tipping Point (Twipping Point) – Malcom Gladwell’s theory on the point at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable.

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