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Is Search Engine Optimization Dead???  It appears this question is resurrected every time Google does a major tweak to their search algorithms.  Major algorithm changes happen every few months and minor tweaks occur as often as 500-600 times per year. The recent noise...

Will Google take over the world?

If all of the information flows from one major source, there is an opportunity for censorship, even if unintended. While I think the majority of humans are good, who defines what ‘good’ means? Does Google possess the ability to control popular opinion?

Learn How to Outsmart Google

Learn How to Outsmart Google

Due to the accessibility and mass appeal of the Internet, businesses are turning to digital marketing to develop brand recognition and increase sales. However, what many SMBs quickly realize after beginning an online marketing plan is the online sector is highly...

A New Year – A New Yahoo

About a month ago, Yahoo announced that a number of layoffs were taking place in order to trim down and cut expenses. As it turns out, these layoffs were directly related to the downsizing of Yahoo’s current product line. On December 16, news leaked that the company...