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Changes to Google’s Desktop Ad Layout & the Effects on Your Business

Changes to Google’s Desktop Ad Layout & the Effects on Your Business

Google Removes Right Side AdsAds

It was recently confirmed that Knowledge Panels (displays business information). While these can provide helpful information to consumers quickly, it still doesn’t change the effect downsizing the amount of ads will have on businesses.

Why is Google Making these Changes?

While there are a number of possible reasons Google is making these changes, the most probable ones seem to be poor side ad results and an increased focus on mobile adverting. It’s likely that the performance for right side ads was poor, with a low click-through-rate. The addition of Knowledge Panels and Product Listing Ads pushing the side ads further down the page didn’t help the cause either. By eliminating these ads, Google most likely anticipates the increased cost-per-click (CPC) to be more profitable in the long run. Additionally, it’s no secret that there’s been a significant shift to mobile in the past year. It’s likely that Google is continuing with the trend and standardizing ad displays across devices, thus eliminating right-hand side ads on desktop to coincide with mobile.

The Effects on Your Business

The most obvious effect from these changes will be an increased cost to advertisers due to the fewer number of ads. The ad position based on your ad’s bid, quality score, landing page relevance and expected impact. To help your ad reach the top, focus on four things: relevance to customers, up-to-date keywords, competitive bids, and good performance over time. Making regular updates to your account that are beneficial can have a huge impact on the success, and positioning of your ads.  Don’t know where to start? Check out Biznet Digital’s Digital Marketing Services page today to see how we can benefit your company!