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Choosing to Use Social Media Marketing Means Choosing to Update Corporate Culture–and sometimes Policies

Man, that”s a long title. So long that I”m going to dissect it for a (hopefully) very concise blog post.

Please note this is not a complete list. I invite readers to make additions in the comments!

“Choosing to use social media marketing”

Does not mean:

  • Throwing up a company blog for newsletter items and press releases
  • Using Twitter to syndicate your RSS feeds
  • Placing ads on Facebook
  • Anything that requires little or no human company representative to interact

Does mean:

  • Engaging stakeholders on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis
  • Making a time investment in social media
  • Sharing content and offering others to use it on your behalf
  • Letting go of controlling the message

“–means choosing to update corporate culture”

Does not mean:

  • Hippies, cowboys, or exclusively Gen Y”ers running and participating in your media relations
  • Your company can continue best online casino ignoring what may or may not be said about it
  • You will be disrespecting your brand

Does mean:

  • Agility (by which I use the wiki reference for agility: the power of moving the limbs quickly and easily; nimbleness; activity; quickness of motion; as, strength and agility of body; A faculty of being agile in body, mind, or figuratively)
  • Listening to other users–with our ears more than our mouths
  • Increasing transparency; not company secrets, but certainly sharing more than you”re used to
  • Realizing the market is bigger than your control
  • Better integrating your PR and/or marketing professionals into your team”s daily activities

“–and sometimes policies”

Does not mean:

  • Lawsuits will be flying at your company left and right
  • Sneaking around different departments to gain approval
  • Your list of “rules” can/will be all enclosing
  • Your lawyers will have a coronary

You can. You cant.

Does mean:

  • Policies disallowing company”s expressing opinions might be altered (Quit shuddering; it”ll be okay. I promise.)
  • Sharing media (Really, I mean giving it away. No charging. No rules. Just allowing straight embeddable media.)
  • Opening your mind a little more