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Does Your Online Brand Presence Accurately Represent Your Business?

Be Authentic

You know your company is unique and different than your competitors, so why don’t prospective clients/customers? Research and study what your competitors are doing on their social media pages, blogs, and other multimedia channels and see how you can differentiate from them. You know that your brand has a unique value, and once you discover how to utilize and authenticate this value online, your target customer will soon discover you as well.

Be Consistent

Everyone likes to work with a company that puts out work that is the very best each time, so why not portray that with your online brand presence? Make sure that your social media pages, online directory pages, company website and blog all portray the image you want your company to have. The consistency will be noticed by prospective clients/customers.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog for a company can help you two-fold, 1) It enhances brand visibility and improves chances of getting noticed and 2) It will greatly help improve your sites search engine rank and establishing validity in your industry of work.  Blogging about company culture, relevant news about your industry and other things that relate to your company can help to establish and cultivate customer relationships and other influencers who may be looking to use your company.

Create and Share Videos

Creating and sharing videos can be a great way to establish your online brand, whether through the use of YouTube, Vimeo, Vine or any of the other video sites or applications. Videos can be created using very little to no money at all. On top of that, these videos can help drive traffic to your site, improve the chances of your company showing up in search rankings and help cultivate client/customer relationships.


Already have a blog, videos and social media pages but not seeing any benefits? Try participating in discussions and comments that are happening on these pages. Sometimes all you need to do is share a customers’ photo that has your product in it and ask a question, (i.e. Susan just completed a 2 mile run using her new Running App, how are you spending your day?). These short but simple shares of pictures, statuses and videos from clients/customers helps to not only build customer relationships , but allows you to engage with the client/ customers and show that if they create something unique using your product that it could have a chance to appear in front of hundreds or thousands of other fans.

These suggestions should allow you and your company the opportunity to create that digital first impression that will help you get prospective clients/customers thinking about your business, and hopefully land you the opportunity for that first in-person impression.