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Flex Your Muscles with Marketing Automation

Flex Your Muscles with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a Lean, Mean Lead Generation Machine
Marketing Automation Muscle

Summer time is here, and most likely you’re being bombarded with advertisements like, “Lose 30 pounds in thirty days with this pill!” or “Instant results, no need to diet.” Advertisements like these play into our need for instant gratification, like having those pounds fall right off or winning the lottery or having over-night marketing success. The problem is these methods aren’t healthy, and most of the time, don’t work. Marketing automation however, has the ability to exercise every marketing muscle by integrating your individual marketing efforts to deliver the best possible results. This is done by:

  • Determining which marketing campaigns and tactics work best for you
  • Offering personalized solutions and products to leads
  • Using behavioral lead scoring to qualify leads
  • Diversify your sales
  • Automated integrated approaches

Exercise and Tone Your Marketing Strategies with Marketing Automation

When getting healthier, you don’t choose between exercising and changing your eating habits, but instead combine them to achieve the best results. So why not do the same with your marketing? Here are just a few tools that make marketing automation a must have routine for your business…

  • Campaign Evaluation: Eliminate the guess work from your marketing routine and instead give your business the knowledge to determine which campaigns are working for you and which aren’t. Just how every workout and diet doesn’t work for every person, every type of campaign and tactic doesn’t work for every business. In lieu of the fuzzy, unclear results gathered from campaigns in the past, marketing automation gives you clear and defined metrics that keep you from wasting time and money on tactics that aren’t giving you the results you want. Now your energy can be redirected to the efforts that are providing the best provable ROI.
  • Lead Scoring: Prevent  your business from wasting time and money on leads that would never convert. From the moment a prospect clicks on an ad, social media post, or any one of your web identities, marketing automation automatically assigns that person a score based off their behavior and interactions with your business. This allows marketing to qualify and nurture a lead based off their documented interest before a member of the sales team ever interacts with them.
  • Personalization: This metric is a vital part of marketing in today’s digital environment. With so much competition you must know your customer before your paths cross. You can capture a lead when they’re still in the early stages of the sales cycle. Marketing automation has the ability to automatically personalize interactions by sending the right message to the right prospect at the right time in the buying process. Your marketing efforts would have the ability to capture and nurture a lead that might otherwise have been lost.
  • Diversify Sales: Your last interaction with a customer should never be the “Thank You” email they receive after the first purchase. By up and cross selling, your business can further the relationship with that customer well after the initial purchase. Marketing automation can automatically (who would have thought!?) transfer a lead to a different workflow after completing the buying cycle to continue the nurturing process. This process will introduce them to other items or services that coincide strongly with their purchase history.
  • An Automatic Integrated Approach: This is the equivalent to exercising every muscle in your body, combined with eating healthy, and having a positive mindset. Integrating your marketing methods allows your most powerful tactics to bounce off one another, not only working to better one area of marketing, but all areas. This includes weaving social media, ads, email, webinars, websites, and SEO tactics to empower each other to deliver lead generation and nurturing tactics that are pumped to the max.

How Fit is Your Marketing? Find out Today with Biznet Digital

Start you day off right. Go for a run, eat your fruits and vegetables, have fun in the sun, and check out marketing automation. For over 20 years, Biznet Digital’s experts have been using technology to drastically improve a company’s digital presence and ROI. We develop a personalized approach that is tailored to each businesses needs in order to deliver innovative solutions. Learn more about marketing automation today and see how fit your marketing efforts are by taking our free marketing automation health check now.