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Making the Digital Commitment

Doesn”t it make perfect business sense to meet your target market where they”re already located? Today, searching the Internet with Google; communicating with family, friends and colleagues through email; and engaging in conversation via social media is second nature to most. Maybe this is why Ford Motor Company has committed to spending 25 percent of its ad budget on digital and social media programs compared to the average industry spending at just 9 percent, according to a report from BusinessWeek. More recent news may indicate that this digital commitment is paying off.

Just Tuesday morning Ford announced that it has made almost $1 billion in profits in its third quarter and the company expects to be profitably sound in 2011. Could this be due in part to the large chunk of change they dedicated to updating the marketing program to meet customers in the online world? A quick Google search proves to me that I am not the only one who thinks so.

Ford”s Fiesta Movement may be one of the biggest and best displays of how digital and social media can be successfully utilized on a large scale to bring about awareness of a brand or product. Even though the Fiesta is not yet available in the United States, according to surveys by Ford, the level of awareness is 37 percent among casino online Generation Y.

When successful internet marketing programming meets perfectly optimized websites meets a dedicated social media strategy, sparks fly! Creating brand awareness has now become more than traditional advertising and marketing campaigns; it is all about combining these methods with more investment than ever in digital and social media programs. Businesses that are successfully meeting customers online, where they”re already at, will find that they are keeping up with the changing times and are retaining, even increasing, business.

Where are you in the digital commitment decision making process? Have you fully committed to the realization that the shift from traditional media programs to digital and social media programs has occurred? Are you keeping up with this change or, are you lagging behind holding onto “what has always worked” hoping that soon everything will fall back in to place? If so, it is time for some serious strategy revamping.

Every company can benefit from making the digital commitment and if you already have not, now is the time to take the leap.