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Marketing Automation Helps Fill the Sales Funnel

Marketing Automation Helps Fill the Sales Funnel

Marketing Automation Sales FunnelMarketing Automation for Your Sales Funnel

As digital marketing tactics come and go, there has been one trend that remains constant. Just within the last year, it has gained more traction as the tool any sized company could implement: Marketing Automation. In the past, Marketing Automation was only available to businesses with large pockets, not anymore! For many small businesses, we understand there are a number of pains that accompany day to day operations. We’re going to show you how Marketing Automation technology can help your business relieve some of those pains, especially when you’re in need of filling your sales funnel with enough leads.

Fill Your Sales Funnel with Leads

With such a high level of competition, keeping your sales funnel full is a job in itself. It’s in fact, the reason why businesses equip themselves with skilled sales teams, dedicated to bringing in new leads and closing sales. But while your sales team is busy networking and meeting with prospects, you’ll need to pursue other avenues that will continue to support individuals in the sales funnel. Here enters, Marketing Automation. MA’s technology will gather and store a lead’s data to deliver a more personalized customer experience with greater lead generation and nurturing capabilities. Organizations can use MA’s technology to personalize marketing efforts using the following methods:

  • Advanced Workflows – A lead will complete designated actions, these actions are then recorded and the lead is placed into a segmented buyer persona category. This results in making repetitive tasks easier and more efficient, with a lesser chance for human error.
  • Lead Scoring – Quantifiable data is gathered by tracking a lead’s behavior, anywhere from opening and clicking an email to visiting pages on your website. Your sales team will then be able to identify where a lead is in the buying process based off their final score.
  • Email Marketing – Using MA’s personalization methods, you will be able to send leads emails based off of triggered interactions. This creates a more personalized user experience.

Marketing and Sales Teams Reunited

Marketing Automation is not a tool that retrieves leads to fill your funnel but it does have the ability to help keep your sales funnel full by nurturing prospects with timely, relevant content. As leads are entered into the MA database, lines of communication open up between your marketing and sales departments, allowing either teams to have full knowledge of all interactions between prospects and your business. As new information is entered either manually or automatically, leads can be separated into sets of predetermined lists, based on their actions. By segmenting lists, automated marketing efforts can be focused more directly to better fulfill a lead’s specific needs. As you begin to understand more about your prospects, you will be able to create replicable trends, which then can be traced back to see what tactics work and which ones fall flat. By combining targeted marketing strategies with a well-informed sales team, you’ll create stronger bonds between prospects and your business, increasing sales and ultimately proving ROI.

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