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Marketing Automation Makes Email More Effective

Marketing Automation Makes Email More Effective


Despite predictions that it would be replaced by social marketing or mobile marketing or text message marketing, email continues to be the backbone of any digital marketing campaign.

Email survives for a variety of reasons:

  • Email is flexible. Messages can be sent morning, noon or night. Email is also cross-platform, cross-device compatible.
  • Email is versatile. Messages can be long or short; persuasive or funny; entertaining or educational; graphical or text-based.
  • There are email tools aplenty. There is no shortage of tools for creating, sending and managing email campaigns and tracking  the results.
  • Email has a history. Email has been around for a while. It was the internet’s first killer app.

With all this going for it, why does email still suffer?

A 2013 Kentico email survey found that:

  • Only 32% of recipients believe email marketers have gotten better the past five years at sending them products, services or content that appeals to them
  • 31% believe email marketing has gotten worse
  • 36% say it remained the same

One reason for these low scores is that email marketers have not kept up. When it comes to targeting messages, especially follow up messages, email lags.

A mass email blast is just that: a mass message. It’s the same thing sent to everyone.

In this era of personalization, who wants that?

Marketing Automation Enhances the Customer Experience

Marketing automation makes email more effective as a part of integrated multi-channel marketing, where email can interplay with other content types to provide an exceptional customer experience.

With sophisticated personalization, marketing automation-based email takes on a fresh approach that provides the right content for customers and produces optimal results.

An example is email drip campaigns. This technique leverages relevant messages that are triggered by where a customer is on the purchasing spectrum.

For example, a customer who adds an item to a web site shopping cart but fails to complete the transaction receives a different message than a person who had not interacted with the ecommerce portions of the site.

Individual, Rather Than Mass

Rather than being a mass medium, marketing automation email becomes personalized.

An email is no longer a store-wide announcement over the intercom system to everyone inside the store.

Instead, it becomes a conversation in the bedding aisle with the customer who is holding a pillow cover in her hands, wondering if it is what she wants.

That would be a different conversation than with the person already in check-out who held that same pillow cover in the same aisle, but did not buy.

Different customers @ different stages = different conversation.

By optimizing email quality and relevance, marketing automation decreases the effort required to send these personalize, targeted messages.

Bottom line: marketing automation improves the overall effectiveness of email campaigns.

Kentico’s integrated Customer Experience Management solution provides these kinds of email marketing advantages.  As a Kentico Gold Partner, Biznet is perfectly positioned to leverage these advantages to make email marketing more effective. Contact us to learn more about marketing automation.