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New Kentico Web Part Released: Resourceful Messages

New Kentico Web Part Released: Resourceful Messages

Resourceful Messages Kentico Web PartBiznet Digital is proud to announce that Resourceful Messages is now available for use by the Kentico community. While this web part may seem simple in nature, it is robust and will save time for developers and site admins, allowing them to spend their time on more important areas of their site.

Resourceful Messages allows a site developer and site admin to setup a message using Kentico’s built in Localization or Resource Strings and display that message with a query string. Similar functionality could be accomplished by means of a Static HTML web part and modifying the visibility based on whether there is a certain query string present or not. If you needed multiple messages to display though, it could be quite cumbersome to manage all of the Static HTML web parts and which one is for what message.

Here comes Resourceful Messages to the rescue. By creating localization or resource strings using Kentico’s built-in culture management, messages can be easily displayed. For instance, perhaps you would like to display a message when an user submits a form or attempts to view a file that is not found. You can create some localization or resource strings like:

Key = biznet.form.submission
Value = Thank you {?name?} for submitting the form. We will get back to you within 2 business days.


Key = biznet.reason.filenotfound
Value = We’re sorry, we could not find the file you requested. Please make sure you have clicked the link directly from the page and try again.

By redirecting the site visitor to your page containing the Resourceful Messages web part and appending a query string, you now have nice messages that are easy to update and manage. Oh yeah, did you notice the query macro in the first resource string value? Resourceful Messages also allows the use of Kentico macros inside the value, so you can come up with some really user-friendly messages! Full documentation is included with the web part and it can be downloaded in the Kentico MarketPlace.

We hope you’ll find Resourceful Messages as useful as we at Biznet have. So far, since it’s creation, we’ve already used it in two of our Kentico projects and no doubt will use in those to come.

Resourceful Messages is available for download from the Kentico DevNet Marketplace at:

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