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Knowledge is a tool that never grows dull.  It’s a tool that should be honed and kept sharp. Make your move towards improving your marketing knowledge starting with our resource guides. They will help you learn more about the topics that trouble you most. You have a problem to solve, we have the solutions.

Marketing concepts, like trying to build a business, can be confusing and even frustrating. So we ask you this, why not get marketing resources that will trigger new insights and potentially grow your business?

75 Marketing Terms

Digital marketing is comprised of various terms involving strategies, practices, and metrics that are unfamiliar to you. Marketing terms can be complicated and difficult to keep track of when you need them most. All this confusion can feel like you’re trying to read alphabet soup. This quick reference glossary will help you find and understand terms in one overview of the frequently used marketing language. Click to download the PDF and receive your quick reference guide in your inbox.

Marketing Automation Health Check

The Biznet Marketing Automation Health Check:

  • Provides you with immediate feedback about your marketing automation readiness
  • Gives you a clear roadmap for marketing automation preparation
  • Takes just a few minutes to complete
  • Will jump-start your marketing automation efforts!

Don’t guess when it comes to marketing automation. Take the Biznet Marketing Automation Health Check and know for sure.

B2B Marketing Metrics

It can be a challenge recognizing what to measure and track in digital marketing. The digital market is always evolving, which means keeping your ducks in a row is essential to success. Utilizing a guide to know exactly what to measure and track will improve your business strategy and keep you ahead of the curve. Our B2B Marketing Metrics to Measure Infographic puts all the essential digital marketing metrics to measure and track into a single printable view for easy reference. Click to Download the PDF and receive the Infographic in your inbox.

Henry Ford Village Case Study

Henry Ford Village ads and messaging are always best-inclass for the senior living industry. The challenge was to make Henry Ford Village’s digital presence equally noteworthy. Biznet was enlisted to:

  • Upgrade the website
  • Execute marketing automation
  • Expand digital advertising
  • Implement call tracking
  • Enhance lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Provide digital strategy
  • Generate reporting, metrics and analysis

Blvd Suites Case Study

For several years, Blvd Suites self-managed their Google Adwords campaigns. Mike Dunklee, a founding partner and Blvd’s marketing officer, managed the campaigns – with a fair amount of success, too. Blvd’s click-through rate (CTR) for text ads was a robust 2.9%. But the company wanted to get more out of their ad expenditure. They also wanted to prove ROI. Blvd knew their ads were generating leads and sales, but, as constructed, the campaigns weren’t capturing this behavior. Mike’s other duties as a corporate officer limited the amount of time he could devote to learning and implementing these advanced features. He knew he needed expert assistance to take PPC to the next level.

B2B Lead Generation 101

Lead generation is the lifeblood of every thriving company. Our B2B Lead Generation 101 eBook covers all the basics. It walks you through an assessment of key areas of your company’s sales and marketing systems and provides an evaluation that measures whether your digital marketing processes are in alignment with today’s best practices or need a little improvement to reel in new customers.