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Marketing For Manufacturing

Manufacturing Makes a Comeback

Manufacturing is making a comeback. Not that they ever went anywhere, but those who build the things that keep the American economy humming have regained their rightful status. Gone is the image of grimy factory workers. That outdated portrait has been replaced by the factual portrayal of modern, efficient workplaces using the latest technologies to produce everything from consumer durables to automobiles to electronics and more. While the factory floor enjoys a resurgence, what hasn’t fully kept pace are the methods used to sell manufacturing goods and services. Manufacturing is great again. It’s now time for manufacturing marketing to be the same.

Marketing Needs to Keep Pace

The sales and marketing tactics of the past – trade journal ads, catalogs, cold-calling, old-buddy networking, one-off emails – no longer work. They are holdovers from a bygone era. As global competition increases and margins continue to tighten, manufacturers who succeed will do so as well because they take advantage of new digital marketing techniques. Those who do not adapt will fail to keep pace.

“Manufacturers contributed $2.17 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2015, accounting for 12.1% of GDDP.” – Bureau of Econmic Analysis

Marketing Automation is the Pacesetter

Marketing Automation is the technology that replaces the old ways. Marketing automation is a collection of processes optimized for attracting, nurturing, converting and retaining prospects. Marketing automation unites a company’s website, customer relationship management, email marketing, digital content creation and analytics into a cohesive whole, one that breaks down the walls of separation between the marketing and sales departments. The result is an increase in leads, sales, profits and efficiency.

“Companies that excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead” -Forrester Research

 The Biznet Ultimate Lead Machine

At Biznet, we specialize in helping manufacturers and similar business-to-business (B2B) companies leverage digital marketing to attract, convert, nurture and retain customers. Our Ultimate Lead Machine encompasses all the elements of marketing automation — everything from lead generation to website management to email marketing and more. Traditionally, only the big players – the Fortune 100 types – could take advantage of marketing automation. But economies of scale have put marketing automation within reach of everybody. We know, because we help small to midsize companies use it every day to succeed and become better. We enable them to reach the right decision makers with the right message at the right time, resulting in more leads and increased revenue. As we like to say, “we do the work, they reap the rewards.”   It’s not completely automatic, but it is straightforward. And it delivers powerful ROI.



We Help Manufacturers Succeed

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“B2B marketers who implement marketing automation software increase their sales pipeline contributions by an average of 10%.” – Forrester Research