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Mobile Application Development

Let your customers take you with them. Everywhere.

Your website may be mobile friendly but that just isn’t enough anymore, now is the time to commit yourself to mobile. Mobile is an ever growing market and apps are the dominating force of mobile interaction. Research shows that mobile apps account for 89% of mobile media time.

Don’t miss out on powerful technology that can reach your audience on the go. Our experts can provide you with autonomous mobile applications that can be developed from end to end or as extensions of an already existent website.

Mobile Applications

Capture the benefits of a mobile application, like:

  • Improved user’s experience

  • A competitive advantage

  • Incorporated eCommerce

  • Easily customizable

  • Access to the app in a non-connected environment

  • Expand your target audience

Biznet Develops the Right Mobile Application for Your Specific Needs

Our mobile apps deliver intelligent and consistent architectural design for an ambitious business. It’s not just about developing a mobile application but developing the right mobile application. Whether it’s custom, native or hybrid apps Biznet experts are here for you. Make a development date with Biznet today and learn more about how our mobile application can promote your business.

Custom Mobile Apps Designed with You in Mind

Android & iOS App Development

Android & iOS App Development

Biznet’s team of skilled app developers create custom apps compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems. This allows your business to reach a wide range of audiences and gain continuous awareness in the market.

Mobile Apps Help Reinforce Your Brand

Your brand’s image is important, it’s how current and potential customers perceive your business. Biznet’s custom mobile apps are designed with your brand in mind, to create a final product that is cohesive with your company’s practices. We work with you to develop the right application for your individual needs.

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Instant Click to Connect Mobile Applications

Instant Click to Connect Mobile Applications

A single touch and your company instantly connects with your customers through your mobile application. On-the-go, at work, or at home, your customers will have easy access to the information they need, when they need it.

Enable Mobile Marketing

Including push notifications into your new mobile app will allow you to be in constant contact with your customers – displaying directly on their device’s home screen. Push notifications deliver a continuous flow of new content to your customers and will never go unnoticed.

Enable Mobile Marketing

Discover the Benefits of a Mobile App

Attract New Mobile Customers

Your future customers are searching for companies like yours online every day. More and more people are using mobile phone apps for every aspect of life – even for connecting with businesses. Capture those prospects by appearing where they are looking.

Increase Mobile User Engagement

Do you customers want more communication with your business? A mobile app opens the lines of communication between your customers and your company. Increase and strengthen user engagements by allowing customers open interaction with your company through a custom mobile app.

Staying Up-to-Date

Competition can be stiff, stay up-to-date with current trends in technology to allow your business an advantage and stand out from the crowd. Biznet will develop a mobile app specifically for you to align with the latest trends in the mobile world. We offer mobile solutions to have your company competing in the mobile market at an affordable cost.

Additional Mobile Services

Biznet is here to help your mobile application become a success.

Mobile Consulting

If you know you need a mobile app but are unsure of what it should be, let Biznet help you strategize the perfect concept for you. Our team of experienced developers, marketers, and strategists can offer insight to help you formulate the right product based on your budget, the industry, competition, and market trends.

Mobile App Hosting

Hosting your own mobile app can be a hassle. From mandatory updates to renewing certificates and subscriptions, it can be easy to get lost in attempts at staying up-to-date. Biznet can host your app and take care of it all.

Mobile and Digital Marketing

Once your mobile app hits the marketplace you may need help in getting it noticed. Biznet Digital’s team of marketing experts can help to optimize your app for search engine traffic and ad placement to help your mobile app reach the right customers at the right time.

Our Mobile App Portfolio

My Doctors by TPA

The Physician Alliance My Doctors app helps patients store their doctors’ contact information in one easy-to-access, secure location on their smartphone. Providing one location for patients to store and access this information helps ensure correct information is provided to other health care providers along the care continuum. This helps lessen confusion along the care continuum and improves patient care.
Download on iOS

Vortex Tool Co.

The Vortex Tool Selection App has been developed by the staff at Vortex Tool Co., Inc. to provide CNC router operators simple and precise procedure for selecting the correct tool for their specific cutting application. By simply answering a series of drop down selection criteria, the app will then make a specific tool suggestion and provide the proper feed rate and RPM for running the suggested tool.
Download on iOS

Amerisure Insurance

Wherever you are, Amerisure is committed to delivering exceptional service so you can focus on what matters most. We are pleased to announce the launch of Amerisure’s corporate mobile app. The app offers seamless on-the-go access to key features from Amerisure’s digital presence, such as the Find an Agent tool, the Report a Claim tool, and the Recognize an Employee form.
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