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Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Businesses

Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Businesses

Giving Off a Clean ImpressionSpring Cleaning for Small Businesses

With the weather warming up, the Sun making more of an appearance, and the first day of spring behind us, it’s clear that everyone’s least favorite chore of the year has arrived: spring cleaning. We’re all familiar with spring cleaning our homes, but applying the tedious task to our business on top of it may seem like a cruel punishment. While spring cleaning is definitely a lot of work, it’s a lot of valuable work. De-cluttering all of your old resources, information, and content can help your company run more efficiently. To make the process a little more tolerable, we’ve compiled a list of the top five areas of your business to focus your spring cleaning on.

Focus Your Cleaning on these 5 Digital Areas

1. De-clutter your Website

Presenting the information on your website in a way that is easy for your audience to read is crucial to your company’s digital success. This includes having a mobile-optimized site that can be accessed anytime by your readers. Smartphones are now used more than computers for searching the web; making a mobile site critical to the success of your company. Additionally, cleaning out your website every few months is a good way to make sure you’re featuring the correct information. If your website doesn’t display the information in a clean way that is easy to find, visitors will leave and likely never return. To prevent this from happening, focus on creating a good user experience. Don’t overload the home page with every bit of information. Instead, create links to other pages on your site that host the information. In addition, updating old content and deleting irrelevant content can help create a more neatly organized site. This, in turn, will help boost your SEO and provide a better experience for both you and your customers.

2. Sort through your Content Inventory

Having a lot of old content lying around can cause a mess for your business both now and in the future. By cleaning out your content, you may find new content ideas and even areas for growth. Archiving, as opposed to deleting, the content allows you to get rid of unnecessary content without completely losing it forever. Additionally, updating content that you can re-purpose is a great way to get additional value from old pieces. It can even help boost your SEO through more relevant search term. Finally, organizing the content so it can easily be found and retrieved will save you time and a larger hassle in the long run.

3. Upgrade your Technology

Updating your technology can help make your business more efficient. Keeping around old technology with limited capabilities and occasional issues can be very risky. Instead, try to avoid this situation by cleaning up issues and updating software right away. Additionally, purchasing new technology can improve your business’s workflow, capabilities, and skills. Many companies are investing in Marketing Automation for similar reasons. Marketing Automation allows your company to identify leads, follow their actions, and send personalized messages to help guide them through the sales funnel. By creating customized messages, you’re able to help prospects become purchase-ready more efficiently and accurately, leading to an increase in lead conversions.

4. Dust Off your Databases

Cleaning your databases every few months is a great habit to start to ensure that your information is up to date and accurate. This includes cleaning out your CRM system, Marketing Automation software, and even emails. Deleting bad emails and hard bounces can help increase your deliverable rate and email quality. Additionally, cleaning out your inbox can help you organize messages and find information quicker. Archiving or hiding old content also helps the de-cluttering process, making it easier for both you, and your company, in the long run. You’ll be able to identify and solve problems that arise much faster.

5. Spruce Up your Social Presence

Increasing your social media presence is critical in improving your company’s brand awareness. By staying active, you’re able to engage customers and even identify prospects. However, be sure to find a balance in your postings between informative and promotional. You’re more likely to lose followers if your content is too “salesy”.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Spring cleaning is a great process for updating, upgrading, organizing, and when necessary, pitching. While it can be hard to find the time for it, in the end your business and your customers will thank you for it. By just cleaning these five digital aspects, your company will be more efficient, able to find the relevant information more quickly, present a better image, and provide an improved user experience. Biznet Digital has years of experience with digital resources and can help your company with your spring cleaning today. Check out our digital marketing services page to see how we can help you sweep away the competition!