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The Non-Standard Budget Estimates of Website Development

The Non-Standard Budget Estimates of Website Development

Website Development EstimateIn a recent post that was written by Ilya Pozin, Founder of Ciplex, a full-service interactive agency,  Ilya discussed the changes in the budgeting and proposal processes when it comes to website development and why clients shouldn’t be asking for a quote when they meet with prospective web development companies. Below is a quick summary of the article as far as what guidelines and steps a company should follow in order to achieve a better website development process.

Establish Your Company’s Goals
How will your company be measuring success? What type of experience do you want to give your user? How can you make each website visit a success? Instead of focusing on features and layouts, focus more on what your business would like to achieve from a business perspective. Once that is done you can create the layout and user experience that will create success with each visit to the website.

Pick a Price Range
As noted in the article, a website is a service, not a product, and with that maintenance fees, change requests and other updates to a site can quickly change the cost of a site redesign. With that in mind along with your company’s goals, your company can begin to establish a price range. Once that is done the web development company will be able to give you options that fit both your goals and price range.

Allow Your Agency To Offer Suggestions For Meeting Your Objectives
More often than not, it is best to work together with a group to solve a problem, so why not involve your agency when distinguishing ideas for your website and the business objectives that you would like it to meet? By allowing your agency or web development partner the opportunity to create their own objectives that they would like the website to solve for your company they are giving you a fresh perspective on new or potential opportunities/problems.

Let Your Agency Set Your End Figure
Working with your agency or web development company, ask questions regarding company objectives and how their team will work with you to achieve your business objectives. Trust them and their ability to meet your goals and a figure will form from this. Just as you would entrust a doctor with surgery, you must trust your agency or web development company and their knowledge of website design, layout, user experience, etc.