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The Power of Personas in Marketing Automation

The Power of Personas in Marketing Automation

marketing-automation-personaPersonas have long been a staple of digital marketing. Personas are defined as examples of the real-life buyers who influence or make decisions about the products or services a company provides. They make the abstract real.

In web design, for example, personas are created as a way to gain a clear understanding of the people who will be coming to a website. These personas are collections not just of user demographics (age, gender, location), but also traits and behaviors, expectations, motivations, even intellectual and emotional states of being.

Personas help keep the visual designers, information architects, content creators and programmers focused on the needs of site visitors. Without personas, everything becomes guesswork.

Personas Are Essential for Marketing Automation

Personas aren’t just limited to web site design. They are an essential element of marketing automation. At least, they should be.

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