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WordPress 3.8: Newest Features

WordPress 3.8: Newest Features

wordpress logoGet ready for a brand new front-end feature overhaul to the most popular open source content management system. Charlie Parker, focuses primarily on introducing a more modern admin interface. WordPress has introduced an entirely new theme to the administration side of the CMS which makes it even easier for site admins and content writers to navigate, author, and update their websites.


Fitting in with some of the other current design trends, WordPress is doing a fantastic job of helping to push CMS design and usability in the right direction. With the introduction of Apple’s iOS7 at the end of last year and Windows 8 prior to that, consumers are seeing more and more of what’s shaping the design industry, and WordPress is helping to push that agenda.


New Admin Design
WordPress 3.8 introduces a white on black admin design, making the CMS appear much cleaning and less cluttered. By eliminating needless box shadows, background gradients, and 3D icons, WordPress is catching onto the new 2014 design trends that are beginning to emerge (such as a flat UI and minimalist design).


Edit on Any Device
wordpress3-8-mobile-halfThe new CMS theme in WordPress 3.8 introduces a new and improved responsive layout that looks and works great on any device. Making updates and even publishing content can now happen right from your phone or tablet. With the advancements in the responsive WordPress admin theme, I’m excited to see what other improvements WP is planning to make in future releases to improve and build upon the mobile device functionality.


I’ve been using WordPress 3.8 since its release on a number of builds and can say first hand that its certainly a lot more aesthetically pleasant to work with. For a full list of technical highlights, visit the WordPress 3.8 Codex Page. To get started with WordPress for the first time, visit the download page.