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5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with a Mobile Application

5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with a Mobile Application

Why you Need Green Eggs and a Mobile Application…
Mobile Application

Would you like to do work on the train? Could you, would you on a plane? Would you like it in the car? Could you, would you at the bar? I think you would . . . if you could . . . and you definitely should. I know I would.

Dr. Seuss put into perspective the on-the-go mindset which has been strengthened by technology. As the business world evolves, there comes a need for new ways to keep mobile employees engaged in everyday business activity. And what would fill that need better than a mobile application.

With less and less employees working full-time in an office environment, the need for a way to stay connected with everyday business transactions has become more of a priority.  Don’t allow your workflow to be held up by out of office employees who are unable to obtain the necessary information to continue.

Check out the 5 ways a mobile application will increase your business’s productivity:

  1. Improved collaboration
  2. Out of the office participation
  3. Allows employees to work on documents while on the go
  4. Allows employees to keep up with work emails
  5. Gives employees a direct connection to the office network

The Benefits of a Mobile App

  1. Allow employees to keep up with work emails: Although accessing your work email on the go is a small thing, it ultimately leads to a more connected and dedicated employee. By giving your business a personalized mobile application that has a remote connection to the work email, you make it easy for your employees to stay up to date on the happenings while away from work.
  2. Out of the office participation: Meetings are important in order to stay in contact with the rest of the team, get direction and correction. An app allows you to collaborate in a meeting while still on the go. A personalized mobile application for you business will allow your employees to make corrections and update documents in real time so they won’t have to go back later to make changes.
  3. Improved collaboration: Mobile applications can take advantage of a phone’s capabilities, like the camera or GPS locator. This allows mobile applications to use that information to collaborate on projects that are taking place away from the business. If your employee needs a consultation on a specific document based off a photo, then all they have to do is upload it to the app and attach it to that file. This way a business will understand the document or photo in relation to the client or appointment. Along with that it allows dispersed sales and marketing teams to work together in real time in order to achieve their set parameters. A mobile application does this by providing sales and marketing access to the latest information and messages on the go.
  4. Allows employees to work on documents while on the go: The internet is a mad house full of out dated information. And for all industries it is very important to know that you are working off the same version of a client list, pricing list, or other types of documents. Applications would allow you to send updates to keep everyone working toward the same goal and on the most up-to-date version of a document.
  5. Give employees a direct connection to the office network: While out on the move, employees need to be able to access the company network or home computer. A designated mobile application for your business can help connect them to your business network without having to worry about connection problems.

It’s Time to Adapt with a Mobile App

Although BYOB has been known to decrease productivity for employees during work hours, a slightly less fun acronym that should be encouraged is BYOD (bring your own device).  With many employees already owning mobile devices, costs decrease for companies when they only have to consider development cost for a mobile application, not device costs.

By having employees use their own device it also allows for more familiarity and comfort when using your app. And unlike computers that can have multiple operating systems with a variety of browsers, mobile devices are mostly only run off of two major platforms, iOS or Android. This creates a consistent experience across the board more manageable.

Why Biznet Digital for your Mobile App?

You’re mobile, so shouldn’t your business be mobile too? For over 20 years, Biznet Digital has been making turnkey technological solutions for businesses. Our mobile application experts are here to develop a personalized plan for your business that will optimize your processes for increased ROI. Don’t keep your business from moving forward . . . or sideways, or on a train, or in a plane, sometimes in a car, and in certain situations, in a bar. Check out Biznet Digital’s mobile application development page today, and get moving toward a better mobile future.