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Allow Your Business to Grow with Marketing Automation

Allow Your Business to Grow with Marketing Automation

The Basics of Marketing Automationmarketing automation success

Marketing automation is a lead generation and nurturing system that monitors leads and collects relevant data to create a personalized experience as prospects interact with your business. MA has the ability to send the right messages, to the right prospects, at the right time in the sales process to capture opportunities that might have otherwise been lost. In other words, it’s a system that has the potential to separate you from the rest of the pack.

When thinking about marketing automation ask yourself, what makes a relationship work? As you attempt to form any type of relationship, from romantic to marketing, you attract prospects (or a date) with personalization. When a person delivers the same old pick-up lines over and over again, then asks why they aren’t seeing the results they hoped for, it comes down to them missing the human aspect and offering the individualized experience. The same can be said for marketers using blast email campaigns. But marketing automation solves that problem for marketers (Sorry people in the dating world, we can’t help much there).

From first the first visit to closing a sale, marketing automation gives you the tools and processes to succeed by allowing you to:

  • Identify leads and understand their needs
  • Qualify prospects into leads
  • Personalize interactions to nurture newly formed leads
  • Track leads through the entire buying cycle

Marketing Automation Spots Your Lead in a Crowded Room

Some systems other than marketing automation give you the technology to identify when leads visit your website. But it doesn’t give you the technology to identify if that lead is really qualified. Without the technology to understand your lead, you’re stuck in a room of prospects with no idea of why they’re there. And without that knowledge, you’ll be singing that same old line over and over without getting anywhere.

Marketing automation gives your business intelligent insight by showing you where your lead went, what pages or products they interacted with, if they’re with a certain company, and how long they spent on your site. This is the first way you’ll be able to spot a qualified lead from a room full of unknown prospects.

Once you start to identify the motives of your lead, you can introduce yourself (aka, your company) and start interacting with a personalized email.

Know Where You are in the Relationship

As opposed to other marketing technologies, marketing automation comes equipped with a scoring system designed to help you better determine a lead’s readiness. Lead scoring tracks and tallies an individual’s digital behavior with your business and assigns a numeric value. Based off that score, you are able to understand where a lead is in the buying process and with this new information, you can effectively nurture a lead in a more personalized manner.

In addition to this, lead scoring can confidently qualify your lead to determine whether the lead is sales-qualified or marketing-qualified as to maximize your resources in either department.

Get Personal with Your Lead Through Marketing Automation

After your scoring system tracks all interactions within your multi-channel digital presence, you can set triggers through the MA system to automatically deliver content designed to fit where the lead is in the sales process. These personalized approaches look at what the lead has been viewing and distributes content to further nurture the lead down the funnel until they’re primed and ready to buy.

Have Question about Marketing Automation? Biznet Digital is Here to Help

Here at Biznet Digital we are ROI fanatics. For over 20 years, Biznet has been using, creating, and delivering marketing technology to help businesses grow. That’s why we’re so excited to help companies discover, deploy, and manage marketing automation to take your business to the next level. And with our personalized approach, we’ll design and implement a strategy that works for your budget and business. Start on the road to greater ROI by taking our free marketing automation health check today, and find out how close you are to the future of your business.