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Got Stress? Take a Lap

Stress… Everybody knows it and has experienced it, but how do you deal with it? I believe the best way to deal with stress is to run it off. Yes, I said run! Running happens to be one of my favorite activities. It is a great workout for both mind and body. Running teaches you to work past your physical and mental capabilities making you a stronger person in all aspects of life. For me, running does two things to help deal with stress. One, it builds up my tolerance for stressful situations so I no longer have a low breaking point. Two, it acts as a stress reliever.

If you want to increase your tolerance for stress, I’d recommend you pick running up as your new hobby. The longer the run, the tougher you’ll be mentally. I have had to push myself through some intense runs, one actually resulting in an injury. However, it has helped prepare me for those demanding life challenges that can occur at home, school or in the office. I’m sure it can help you too.

So maybe you’re not interested in increasing your tolerance, and would rather have an outlet to help deal with your stress immediately. I would then recommend going out for a short run, plain and simple. If you’re new to running, try beginning with a mile a day. If that was easy, bump it up to two or three. Eventually you will find your sweet spot, or the amount of running that makes you feel your best. Three miles is my sweet spot. It is easy enough to do daily and a long enough distance to feel proud about. I always feel happy and stress free after one of my normal three mile base runs.

Before going out for a run, it is VERY important you have the right gear. And when I say gear, I mainly mean running shoes. You can’t simply walk into any store and buy a cool looking pair of shoes. Choosing the wrong pair can have many negative effects on your body and can lead to problems with your feet, knees and back. Thankfully, there are many stores that employ knowledgeable staff who can tell you if you are prone to certain running problems and offer special shoes to remedy it.

Besides being an awesome stress reliever, running is a great way to form a bond with fellow coworkers. I was recently invited to a race (the 29th annual St. Patrick’s parade Corktown race in Detroit) with two other team members here at Biznet, Trevor Fitzgerald and Jim Montgomery. It was a great experience that led to many laughter-filled conversations.

About Bob Hunter

Robert Hunter is the newest website development team member at Biznet Digital. Originally going to college for computer programming, he decided to tack on two additional majors, Web Development and Web Design, after taking a basic HTML class. He comes to work every day, his eager mind yearning to learn something new. Based in Wixom, Mich., Biznet Digital is a full-service web solutions company, focusing on business and mobile websites, advertising agency support and Internet marketing. For more information, visit