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Is Your Content Marketing Working?

Is Your Content Marketing Working?

The New Face of Content Marketingcontent marketing

Marketing is evolving to meet the requirements of a world where building genuine relationships with consumers is critical to closing business. However, with competition at an all-time high, you need to be ahead of the content marketing curve in order to gain any sort of traction. One way to create lasting bonds, and quite possibly the best way to do so, is to create a one of a kind customer experience.

Consumers begin forming relationships with businesses the moment they begin searching for products or services. Once a customer engages with a company, it is up to the business to reciprocate by creating a unique experience to set themselves apart from the pack. A good place to start creating personalized experiences is by first, having a full understanding of who the target audience is and second, understanding WHY those consumers need your business. Once that information is collected, you will have a clear view of where your content needs to be in order to be seen by your audience and what type of content is needed to reach those individuals.

What is Content Marketing?

Let’s have a quick history lesson. What exactly is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategic approach that focuses on creating and distributing timely, educational, thought-provoking, valuable and relevant content to prospects with the hopes in persuading their behavior in a business’s favor. Because of this, marketers must be smart when creating content. It isn’t about you as a business and what you think consumers need but what prospects tell you they need.

Luckily, we live in a digitally savvy world where technology provides insight into the specific actions of individual prospects.  This information can show you where prospects spend their time and which topics are of most interest.  From this information, marketing departments can create and distribute content that fills the need of the consumers.

Put Your Content to Work

Marketing tactics such as cold calling and blast emails are often ignored. So in today’s social and heavily connected society, content marketers need to find other means of reaching out and connecting with prospects.

Give these strategies a try to boost your content marketing power.

  • Marketing Automation

Although marketing automation has been around for some years, not everyone has seen what it can do. MA can take your content and distribute it accordingly, based on a lead’s interaction with your website through a number of channels. As you use marketing automation, the technology will also capture more useful data that can be handed over to a sales team as a lead reaches advances through the sales funnel. Marketing automation is continuing to grow as an essential component for businesses looking to improve the distribution of timely and relevant content.

  • Personalized Messages

Blast emails, as mentioned earlier, are becoming less effective. Although, they can be bothersome, don’t totally disregard them. Take your emails and add a personal touch. This can easily be accomplished in marketing automation software, as well as other email platforms. Many technologies give you the option to add personal tags with in emails such as an individual’s first and last name or even the name of their business (if that information is available).

To add another level of personalization to email blasts, marketing automation technology also gives you the advantage of knowing exactly what a lead or prospect has done in terms of interaction with your company. For example, if someone visited a blog – trigger an email to send them other supplemental resources based off of that blog’s topic. This shows the individual that you are taking the time to recognize their presence and are interested in making sure they have all they need.

  • Social Media

With the majority of the modern world permanently attached to their mobile phones, it is very likely they are also logged in to a number of social media channels. Be it professional channels such as LinkedIn or casual social media perusing like Instagram, your audience is there. Why not take your content and post to the proper channels? In most cases, you can even go as far as to sponsor (pay-per-click) updates to help better reach your audience. In doing so, you not only connect with your audience in a space where you know they are present but you also have a chance to drive them back to your website.

Jump on the New Content Marketing Bandwagon Today!

Don’t be left in the dust of your competition. Have a chat with your marketing team and bring them up to speed (if they aren’t already) on the tactics they should be using to align your organization with the new content marketing trend. If you’re finding it hard to gather the proper resources, don’t worry. Biznet Digital has the means to gather the data necessary to develop and distribute the proper content to catch future consumers and retain current customers. Visit our Digital Marketing Services page today and see which digital marketing services we offer that will help your business prosper.