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Marketing Automation + Video Marketing = Success

Marketing Automation + Video Marketing = Success

Why Combine Video Marketing and Marketing Automation?Marketing Automation + Video

There are a lot of amazing superhero sidekick duos out there, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl, Aqua Man and Aqua Girl, just to name a few. But surprisingly, many people have not heard of the latest and greatest superhero, sidekick duo. Introducing issue one of marketing automation plus video marketing. And what are their super powers you ask? Well, let’s just say they kick butt at conversions to ward off your competition and increase ROI.

The impressive combination of video marketing and marketing automation give you:

  • The most inexpensive and powerful form of content to use with marketing automation
  • The ability to build a personal connection with your audience
  • Precision lead targeting
  • Increased engagement
  • Higher conversion rates

Audiovisual Content Lowers Costs for Automated Marketing

Having a small budget and business is no longer an issue for marketing automation. By combining video marketing and marketing automation, your business can develop engaging content without a large staff, cutting down on development costs, all while building a greater conversion rate.

While video marketing was once an expensive form of marketing, that is no longer true. With channels like:

  • Wistia
  • Sprout Video
  • Vidyard

You no longer have to worry about expensive hosting sites. Along with that, costly video equipment is no longer necessary. You can now take high-quality videos with your iPhone or Android device, which can then be edited on your very own computer.

Automated Marketing and Audiovisual Content Powerfully Personalized

You know the five senses right? Seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting are all ways we connect with the world around us. That’s why it only makes sense that video marketing has been shown as the best form of content to connect with your audience. After all, video marketing is the type of content that uses the most senses to interact with us.

On its own, video has been documented to increase CTR in an email by 65%. Marketing automation’s ability to send videos to prospects at the right time in the sales process, will pump-up those numbers even more.

Targeting with Automated Marketing and Audiovisual Content

Targeting leads and prospects with video is a breeze when adding sites like Wistia, and other video hosting websites to your marketing automation tool belt. When you integrate your video hosting site with marketing automation , your analytics gets a power boost by giving you the ability to monitor the behavior of your viewers. Do you want to know how long a viewer watched your video, or how about the drop off rate? Well you can.

And to add to this, once marketing automation records this interaction or behavior, it will automatically adjust a leads score up or down and take the appropriate action based on the change. For instance, if a viewer watched 75% of your video, your marketing automation platform might transfer that user to a work flow to allow them to receive emails of video recommendations similar to the one they just viewed.

Increased Engagement with Automated Marketing and Audiovisual Content

When you go to a website, I bet I know what you see. Because what you see is the same thing everyone else who is looking at that website is seeing. But with marketing automation and video marketing you can create a dynamic website that spurs engagement. Instead of treating your leads like they’re all the same, your website shows different content based on the individual lead visiting your site. For example, let’s say your lead has a low lead score, when the lead visits your website it shows them a video targeted to the awareness stage of the buyer’s cycle as opposed to a buyer with a high score who might get a product video instead.

This allows you to engage further with your customers by providing a type of content that has the power to connect with your viewers while making your website super targeted toward each person.

Convert Better with Automated Marketing and Audiovisual Content

By itself, video is powerful form of marketing content. If you talked with other marketing professional, they would tell you that video converts better than other forms of content 70% of the time. And consider how much more powerful video becomes when combined with marketing automation. This combination of technology allows you to present your video to a lead based on the readiness they have displayed with their behavior and lead score.

How Biznet can help you with Automated Marketing

For over 20 years Biznet has been growing business like your own through the combination of technology and advanced marketing tactics. Our marketing automation experts will work with you on a personalized level to help you implement, manage, and update your marketing automation platform. While Batman and Robin may have been your heroes when you were young, our knowledgeable team will soon have you saying that your ROI superheroes are none other than marketing automation and video marketing. Take our free “marketing automation health check” today and discover how close you are to empowering your business.