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You say "Pie Day" – I say "Pi Day"

You say "Pie Day" – I say "Pi Day"

pi day 2014For a girl who has always loved math, enjoyed baking, and hearing a good pun, Pi Day is the perfect day. March 14th is Pi Day, where we celebrate the number pi, 3.1415926535898… What better way to celebrate the constant ratio of the radius:circumference of every circle, than with something that sounds like pi, is circular, and of course very yummy. The Pi Day celebration this year will be delicious. 

The Pi Day I am most excited about is March 14, 2015. I have been thinking about if for a couple years, and I just can’t wait. Pi Day 2015 will be awesome, because we can celebrate it casino online more significantly (yes that was intentional). 

  •  3 – March month
  • 14 – 14th day
  • 15 – 2015 year
  •  9 – 9 AM hour
  • 26 – 26 minutes
  • 53 – 53 seconds

I could go on but I am already in my geeky happy place, thinking about what kind of pie I will be eating for breakfast on March 14, 2015 at 9:26am and 53 seconds. The fact that it will happen only at that moment is what makes it fun, in addition to the entire day still being Pi Day. No doubt a piece of fruit pie or cream pie will be enjoyed that day, but I may go overboard with quiche for breakfast or Shepherd’s pie for dinner. 

In reality, March 14th is just an excuse to eat pie, and what a sad life you live if you need to have an excuse to have pie. Here’s a quote from someone that never needed an excuse to have pie, a person that ate pie after breakfast on the weekends if he felt like it.  When asked if he needed anything from the grocery store, this dedicated fan of pie responded, “I need pie.” 

Yep, he had it right, we all need pi.