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7 Do’s and Don’ts That Will Make or Break your Marketing Efforts

7 Do’s and Don’ts That Will Make or Break your Marketing Efforts

Are you getting Results from your Marketing Initiatives?

“Oh . . . that’s your marketing? Wow, it’s terrible.”failed marketing efforts

Ignore that person. Just because they say it, doesn’t meant it’s true. But then again, it could be. Luckily, we’re here today to help you figure it out.

Marketing can be a very exciting venture. For anyone who has watched Mad Men, we are presented a world full of sex, drugs, and alcohol with the end of the day giving you the promise of profit. Sadly, that isn’t the reality of the marketing world. Marketing in the reality of today’s Google centric environment forces you to be smart and informed, because you know your customers and clients will be.

I understand how tempting it can be to grab the first shiny marketing initiative you see. But I think you and I both want to see those efforts deliver results.

For over 20 years we’ve had clients coming to us with marketing initiatives that look pretty, but seem to fall short of delivering the proper ROI. However, it’s not your fault when your marketing efforts just aren’t working. With so many different ways of marketing out there, how are you supposed to know which one will work best for your business’s needs?

Today we’re going to look at 7 reasons why your marketing may not be working for you, and how turn it around.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Promoting your Business

1. Do – Develop a detailed plan. Don’t – Jump at the first offer.

“OH MY GOSH, IT’S MARKETING. It looks like such a good investment. GET IT!” Don’t give into the hype marketing can create. I know this will sounds harsh but I say it because I care, you can’t be another screaming pre-teen girl when it comes to marketing. You have to be as critical of marketing as you are of a teenage boy band. They have some good moves and looks pretty, but you came to hear them sing not just stand around looking attractive, and so far they haven’t given you the performance you’ve paid for.

It’s tempting to throw your money at all the attractive forms of marketing. But in the digital age consumers and business have become smart to advertising and marketing approaches. Just throwing your money at any marketing initiative won’t give you results or ROI.

I don’t want you to waste your money, instead I want you to have bountiful success with your marketing efforts. That’s why the first step I suggest to starting a marketing innovative is to develop a plan of attack. Know where your marketing is headed and your customers will be much more likely to follow. To start, make sure you know your business by creating a unique value proposition.

2. Do – Create a unique value proposition. Don’t – Underestimate the power of a unique value proposition.

With so many business out there today it can be hard to stick out in the crowd and understand your unique value. It makes sense then that you may not have developed a defined value proposition yet.

But without a unique value proposition who are you to your customers? Don’t underestimate the importance of a unique value proposition. Your unique value proposition is a powerful and succinct statement that will give you insight on how to effectively market your services and products.

Without a unique value proposition your marketing is likely to go off in multiple of directions instead of focusing on the key purpose. This one statement is the defining solution to your customer’s problems and the core of your business’s mission. By creating a unique value proposition you can accurately market how to solve your customer’s problems instead of rattling of a list of benefits that blend in with your competition.

3. Do – Solve the problem. Don’t – Solely present the benefits.

“Hey you there, have you heard about the amazing benefits this product can give you? No. Well let me tell you  . . .” That’s your first misconception about marketing. Who says I want to hear about the benefits? Selling your services or products are about showing how they can solve your customer’s problems. If your customers aren’t experiencing an issue that relates to your product or service they won’t care what benefits they have to offer.  By emphasizing your customer’s problems and your product or services solution you can implant the idea that your customers don’t only want what your business has to offer, but need it to accomplish their goals.

In order make yourself the solution to your customer’s problems you need to know where the problems lie. This involves a very important step to marketing, knowing your customer in order to target them.

4. Do – Use the right technology. Don’t – Assume.

It might be hard to hear but not everyone wants what you’re offering. If you have been marketing off assumptions that certain people want your business it’s time to stop. You’ve heard the saying, “To assume makes an ass out of you and me.” Well, it’s true. And while it may not make an ass out of your business, it won’t get you any results.

Marketing intelligently through the use of technology is a passion of ours and for a good reason. These insightful tools help you identify your audience, target them, and market to them for increased sales and ROI. Together let’s empower your business with the facts instead of relying on fantasy by using the right technology. Discover the power of marketing with:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ad Words
  • Marketing Automation

With such technologies you no longer have to wonder if marketing is working. Instead assure yourself of your business’s progress with measurable results.

5. Do – Measure the results. Don’t – Guess its working. 

So we’ve established that some marketing doesn’t work for you and some does. But which parts? I can tell you from experience, what may seem like a better flashier campaign might actually be the one preforming badly. To avoid guessing we suggest using technology that has metrics in order to measure your marketing efforts against one another to prove which campaigns are working and which aren’t.

With Google Ad Words and Google Analytics you can achieve measurable success. Don’t pay for marketing that isn’t working. Pit campaigns against each other and keep the one that is successful.

And with marketing automation you can obtain provable success. If you think you misheard me you didn’t, I said provable success. This is done through lead scoring to measure a leads interest and interactions at each stage in the buying process.

6. Do – Work multiple channels. Don’t – Box yourself in. 

Too often business confine themselves to one channel of marketing. But that’s like sitting in the back of the classroom, barely speaking up, and then wondering why only a few people in class know who you are. By using multiple channels to market your business you achieve greater brand awareness and recognition.

7. Do – Outsource your weaknesses. Don’t – Suffer through the pain. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t be. You can’t expect yourself to be an expert in every area of marketing. Remember, everyone has a weakness. We’re certainly able to admit that if you asked us about marine biology we would just stare at you with a blank look. That’s why it’s good to outsource areas that aren’t your company’s strong points.

Marketing now has so many channels, tools, and categories it can be hard to determine where to go. Consulting firms that specialize in marketing are a great way to go when feeling like your venturing into the unknown.

Outsourcing your marketing can range from creating content, or a Google Ad Words campaign to set up and manage your marketing automation system or social media presence. Just know that when it comes to working with marketing initiatives that are unfamiliar to you the same rule you had in K-12 apply here. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Why Promote your Business with Biznet?

When you’re ready to ask for help, Biznet is here to answer your call. For over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to partnering with businesses like yours to help them succeed. Our personalized marketing response is expertly developed to work for the needs and restraints of your individual business. We specialize in increasing your ROI and improving your brand awareness through skillfully developed marketing strategies.  Let us show you what your business is capable of doing.  Learn more about what your marketing could look like by checking out more of our blog and see where we can help you, today!