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Lock Down a Lead with Remarketing

Lock Down a Lead with Remarketing

How Does Remarketing Work?remarketing

You walk into a restaurant you’ve never been to. Light shines through the big glass windows. You take a seat and look at the menu. A waitress in a blue apron approaches you asking you what you want. You ask about the steak but can’t decide so she leaves you alone again. If the waitress didn’t come back what would be the likelihood of you going up to her to ask for the steak? Would you leave hungry in search of a less expensive restaurants with better service? This is a situation where remarketing would be a good fit.

Remarketing takes notice of your lead’s interests in your site and reminds them of the value that your products and business hold after they leave. Instead of just advertising random products to a potential customer, you can connect with them on a personal and human level.

Don’t leave that person wandering aimlessly in search of a product you can provide. Instead, show your lead that you understand them through remarketing. For instance, if that waitress found you on the street searching for another place to eat and said “Hey, I remember you. Don’t settle for something you don’t really want, you’re too worthwhile. I know you’re hungry. And I’ve still got that steak you wanted and a beer to go along with it when you’re ready.” Wouldn’t you be more likely to go back to that restaurant?

Remind your consumers why you are the right choice. By remarketing you don’t just increase your own business, but provide the consumer with a quality product they might have missed out on due to indecision. Research shows that your website visitors are 70% more likely to convert if they are part of a remarketing campaign. Work through your lead’s uneasiness and increase sales through personalized remarketing.

Types of Customers to Retarget

To target or not to target, that is the question. Who you target is your decision, but each added remarketing target increases opportunity for personalization and the chance of conversion. There are four options regarding targeting for re-marketing.

  1. General visitor: While you may not know exactly why this person visited your site you can still attach a general remarketing campaign to them in order to cover your bases. This is good when you want to make sure no one who could still be a potential customer slips through the cracks.
  2. Specific product visitor: These visitors have shown interest in one or more specific products. So why not continue your tete a tete by using display ads to remarket the product that they’re interested in? You could even up the stakes by adding a discount or special.
  3. Deserted shopping carts: Similar to the specific product visitor but a little farther along in the buying process is the lead that deserted their shopping cart. You can practically feel the pressure they’re under when faced with the decision of pushing the last button to complete the purchase. “Am I doing the right thing or is there something better for less money?” By remarketing their shopping cart to them in display ads you increase the likelihood of them buying when they see that one item they want as a continual reminder of their desires.
  4. Previous customer: It’s never over till it’s over. Just because someone has bought from you doesn’t mean they should be done with you. Ask yourself what product or service goes along with the customer’s previous purchase? Don’t sell yourself short. Increase your sales by remarketing products that would benefit a customers completed purchase and your business with a bright and attractive display ad.

Are you Stalking or Retargeting?

You saw a future with them. And it can be painful when you don’t get the reaction you’re hoping for from someone you thought was interested. Maybe they’re not ready to commit or are scared of moving too fast too quickly. But you can still be in their life. Follow them. Keep them in sight. They’ll want you again. Make them see you and then . . . STOP. Stalking your leads through remarketing isn’t the answer. Through the use of remarketing, you can communicate to your leads what your business has to offer without coming on too strong. Engage don’t enrage your potential customer by:

  • Limiting the number of times your ad can appear per day to a person
  • Limiting the length of time your ad is remarketed to a lead
  • Keeping the ad relevant to the consumer
  • Implement display remarketing to be more visually pleasing and natural

There’s no need to be aggressive with you have display remarketing. Remarketing the right way reminds your leads of the value that your products and business holds. Inspire your ads with beautiful customization and show your business at its best. Why be creepy when you could be creative?

Why Choose to Remarket?

After an individual leaves your sight you need to keep the interactions going. That first visit is only the first date. Don’t mope. There’s still hope. I know you want to build this relationship but they may not contact you again if you don’t take initiative. By remarketing wisely you can reengage your website visitors in the right way after they’ve left your site and turn that no into a yes. Increase your popularity by obtaining the benefits of remarketing through Google AdWords and Google Display network. Discover the benefits of remarketing and:

  • Acquire cookies to track website visitors
  • Obtain qualifying data that identifies similar audiences
  • Reinforce brand awareness is a subtle way
  • Display attractive and inviting images that spark action
  • Drive shoppers back to your site
  • Acquire monitored metrics to tweak ads for greater success

Why Retarget with Biznet?

Why delay when you could display your remarketing ads? Don’t leave your potential customers lost and confused by competing brands. By partnering with Biznet your leads will be guided into making the right choice. Our business model is built around developing personalized relationships with our clients in order to provide personalized remarketing response to yours and obtain the maximum ROI. We’re here for you so you can be here for them. Check out Biznet today and learn more about how we can help you connect with future customers.